Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is a key priority at SNB, and we are committed to creating programs and initiatives that benefit our environment and communities, while advancing Saudi Arabia.
Sustainability is at the heart of our vision

Sustainability is a significant part of Saudi Vision 2030, and in line with that vision, SNB is the first bank in the Kingdom to establish a Sustainable Finance Framework. It enables us to issue sustainable bonds and Sukuk, and engage in other environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

Ahalina Programs

SNB has been developing its corporate responsibility strategy to boost the impact and depth of its programs. As a result, the Bank launched the Ahalina strategy that focuses on empowering various society groups, converting them into positive and developmental energies capable of supporting the national economy.

To this end, SNB has used its expertise and specialized capabilities in various fields to further support community initiatives that are in line with the Bank’s strategy, which, in collaboration with the public and non-profit sectors, aims to empower the community by empowering individuals and institutions and providing community support in various regions of the Kingdom.

The study was developed following an in-depth study that addressed societal needs and aligns with the goals outlined in the Kingdom's national agenda.

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Sustainability pillars
SNB is committed to supporting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 agenda by investing in environmental initiatives and social development programs and helping to create a diversified and sustainable economy.
Environmental Initiatives
Our environmental initiatives were launched in strategic partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, represented by the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification to expand the vegetation cover in the Kingdom, tackling air pollution, combating desertification and the effects of climate change, and preserving the Kingdom’s natural resources and biodiversity.
Ahalina Social Investment Program
This program was launched in strategic partnership with the King Khalid Foundation. The program supports the economic enablement of non-profit organizations to implement community projects. It also intends to build and develop the capabilities of non-profit organizations and r.aise their capabilities to provide sustainable programs and solutions for community empowerment
Microfinance Program
MF program is a socio-economic project that provides women with interest-free financing to establish commercial projects that guarantee them improved income and empowerment, which contributes to reducing poverty and unemployment. Funding is provided through six independent Ahalina CR branches – in Jeddah, Riyadh, Al-Ahsa, Ha’il, Buraidah, and Abha.
AlAhli Entrepreneurs Program
SNB is focused on empowering young men and women, encouraging them to pursue an entrepreneurial spirit and start their own successful projects. This is why the Bank launched a number of business accelerators to support innovation, facilitate starting businesses, and develop capacities, in the process creating job opportunities for Saudi nationals across the Kingdom.
Craft Production Program
The program aims to train women in handicrafts, focusing on designs that produce competitive local products, including souvenirs to tourists, and market them through effective channels.
Voluntary Program
The program aims to invest in SNB's employee capacities by engaging them in various voluntary activities meeting the actual needs of the community.
Iskan Program
Through the bank strategic partnership with the Ministry of Housing, the project offer fully furnished housing units ready for immediate housing, that's provided to the most needy in the community who are registered in the lists of applicants for the Ministry of Housing programs to obtain decent housing.
Community Support
SNB intends to extend its reach into activities and events by setting goals to effectively govern and direct those contributions to have a positive impact on the community.
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