SNB Academy

We believe that our people are our greatest asset and should be empowered to achieve their best. SNB Academy is essential in growing our staff and their careers.

Our Key to Success
Empowering our people

Our programs focus on giving staff the knowledge and skills required to support their performance, enhance their growth, and help them achieve their career goals.

Mutually beneficial partnerships

Our training and development programs ensure that employees are updated with all regulatory-related knowledge and support them in enhancing their skills. This increases productivity and helps us achieve our objectives.

SNB Academy Program Types

Program 1:

Hiring program development.

Program 2:

Talent and leadership development programs and certifications

Program 3: 

Regulatory training and certification

Program 4: 

Professional certification programs

Program 5: 

Technical and behavioral reskilling and upskilling

Program 6: 

Digital banking, data science, and analytics development programs

SNB Academy in numbers